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Whitesands GDPR Statement

Our full names are Whitesands Properties Ltd. Hannah Kearns will be the data controller in respect of any data you provide to us. The term “data controller” is a legal phrase used to describe a person or entity that controls the way personal data is used and processed.

The privacy and security of your personal information is important to us. In order to comply with the law involving the General Data Protection Rules from 25 May 2018, this notice explains how we use the personal information that you share with us including how it is collected, how it is used, how it is protected and your rights over it.

What Is Personal Information?

This is any information such as name, telephone number, e-mail address and information that can be used to identify you. We do not retain any payment information of any kind.

How Does Charm Properties, Whitesands and Tamarisk Court Collect This Information?

When you become a customer you will be asked for this information by a member of our staff and it is held and controlled by the person nominated to be the Data Controller.

How Will Charm Properties, Whitesands and Tamarisk Court Use This Information?

This information is used to send you relevant documentation and to enable our staff to contact you. We may occasionally use your contact details to alert you to offers or information that we think you may be interested in, but we will never share your information with any organisation or business.

How Long Do We Keep This Information?

Your information will be held on file, unless we have had written correspondence asking otherwise.

Where To Get More Information About Your Data Protection Rights.

You have the right to review the information held at any time and should you have a complaint regarding the use of your personal information then please contact Charm Properties Ltd data controller on 01305 860334 or by e-mail at

For a more formal complaint, contact the Information Commissioners Office on 01625 545745 or 0303 1231 113.

They make a lot of information accessible on their website You can make a complaint to the ICO at any time about the way we use your information. However, we hope that you would consider raising any issue or complaint you have with us first. We will always do our very best to solve any problems you may have.

This privacy notice will be reviewed regularly and was last reviewed in September, 2018.

No further action is required by you unless you want to make changes.